Achieve 5-Star Writing With the 5 S's: The Essential Storytelling Skills to Master to Level Up Your Writing and Increase Your Joy (And Income) As a Writer

A talk by H. R. D’Costa
Story Structure + Stakes Expert from

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About this talk

Hey there, fellow scribe!

Have you ever discovered a novel that hit all your “buttons”?

You were totally in love with the story idea (and maybe even wished you had come up with it yourself *wink*).

And then you read it…and it was a complete letdown.

The author, unfortunately, didn’t make good on the idea—and basically botched it.

It’s a bummer for sure.

Because, the truth is, a premise is only as good as its execution.

Now, at this moment, a story idea is filling YOUR head and heart—and by golly, you’re not going to let the situation described above happen with your book.

You are going to try your best to do justice to your amazing idea, and ace its execution.

If that describes you, then you will love this in-depth presentation where I will share 5 storytelling skills you should master to level up your writing.

So. What happens when you improve your craft in this way?

For starters, when you look at your draft (not the first—but maybe the second or third), you won’t feel your stomach sink as you realize it’s a big mess.

Instead, you’ll feel proud about what you’ve accomplished, and how you successfully captured your vision on the page.

There’s nothing that quite matches that feeling of personal satisfaction.

But…it gets better.

Because when you use your craft skills to write 5-star books, your readers will transform into an evangelical army of bookworms who enthusiastically recommend your books to others.

Which means…

…they are doing the marketing for you!

And through these word-of-mouth sales, you can increase your income—without spending hours on social media or investing in paid ads.

Sound good to you? Then join me on Saturday, October 22 for this deep dive into the craft of writing.

You don’t want to miss it – can’t wait to see you there!

H. R. D’Costa

Story Structure + Stakes Expert from

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H. R. D’Costa

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