Nicole Breit

Award-winning essayist + writing coach whose passion is to help writers craft their best work by taking an experimental approach to story structure.

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Nicole Breit (she/her) is a queer award-winning essayist, writing coach + the creator of The Spark Your Story Lab. Her writing primarily explores themes of identity, grief and healing and has been widely published in journals + anthologies including Brevity, The Fiddlehead, Room, Hippocampus, Event, Swelling with Pride: Queer Conception and Adoption Stories + Getting to the Truth: The Craft and Practice of Creative Nonfiction. Nicole’s essay about first love and loss, “An Atmospheric Pressure”, was selected as a Notable by the editors of Best American Essays 2017. In 2020 she earned her certificate in Foundations of Narrative Therapy; it’s her mission to help writers discover creative new ways to shape their difficult material into transformative stories via her Spark Your Story writing programs. Learn more at

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Your Story is in the Shape: A Guide to Experimenting with Form + Structure

23 October 2023, 03:00 PM
Nicole Breit


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