Lewis Jorstad

Editor and book coach from The Novel Smithy.

About this speaker

Lewis Jorstad is a bestselling author and editor who helps scrappy genre fiction authors (and soon-to-be authors) master their craft and find their readers at The Novel Smithy. When he isn't busy coaching students or writing books of his own, you can find him playing old Gameboy games and baking far too many homemade bagels.

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Lewis's book: Beyond One and Done



Plan and Write a Successful Fictional Series

23 October 2023, 02:00 PM
Lewis Jorstad


Join 23,000+ writers who outline faster, organize smarter, and turbocharge their productivity with the #1 visual book planning and series bible software.


Designed to give you everything you need to take your writing to the next level and beyond, AutoCrit is an online software platform and educational hub for authors to help with planning, writing, and editing your books to a professional standard.

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