Brooke Adams Law

Book coach & hybrid publisher at Writing Brave

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Brooke Adams Law is an award-winning author and founder of the Writing Brave movement. Brooke helps creative, intuitive women claim their author identity so that they can start, finish and publish brave, dazzling books. 

Brooke’s debut novel Catchlight won the Fairfield Book Prize, was named a Best Indie Book of 2020 by Kirkus Reviews, and was featured on Good Morning America’s blog. 

Through Writing Brave, she offers book coaching and publishing services for women ready to get their dream books out of their heads and onto paper and give birth to their most empowered creative selves.

You can visit Brooke’s website at and take her free quiz to discover YOUR writing routine personality type. 

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Plotting as an Intuitive Writer

23 October 2023, 11:00 PM
Brooke Adams Law


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