Beth Barany

Creativity Coach, Writing Teacher, Science Fiction & Fantasy Novelist

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Beth Barany is the owner of Barany Consulting and supports novelists to flourish in their creative lives.

An award-winning science fiction and fantasy novelist, Beth Barany writes magical tales of romance, mystery, and adventures about strong heroines who lead by example. Her stories empower women and girls to be the heroes of their own lives.

Beth’s podcast, “How To Write the Future,” is for science fiction and fantasy writers who want to create positive, optimistic stories because when we vision what is possible and put that into our stories, we help make it so for the world and ourselves.

A Master NLP Practitioner and Certified Creativity Coach and teacher, Beth runs Barany School of Fiction, designed to help genre fiction writers experience clarity so they can write, revise, and proudly publish their novels to the delight of their readers. She runs the blog, Writer’s Fun Zone, by and for creative writers. And she’s authored several books for writers, including Plan Your Novel Like A Pro, with her husband, thriller writer Ezra Barany.

For fun, Beth enjoys walking urban neighborhoods, gardening, doodling, and watching movies and traveling with her husband. They live in Oakland, California with a piano, cats, and over 2,000 books.

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Unlock the Secrets: Harness Genre Expectations to Amaze and Astonish Your Readers

26 October 2023, 02:00 AM
Beth Barany


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