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Brooke Adams Law

Beth Barany

Douglas Boulter

Nicole Breit

Jessie Cal

The Write Tips

Kat Caldwell

David Corbett

H. R. D’Costa

Story Structure + Stakes Expert from Scribe Meets World, HTTP://SCRIBEMEETSWORLD.COM

Susan DeFreitas

Rhonda Douglas

Lara Ferrari

Founder, Lemon Friday

Karyn Fischer

Book Coach and Editor, Story & Prose Book Coaching and Editorial Services

John Fox

Savannah Gilbo

Charlie Jane Anders

Paula Judith Johnson

Gareth Jones


Lewis Jorstad

Kris Kennedy

Romance Writing Lab

Rachel Lachmansingh

Coffee and Calligraphy

Troy Lambert

Lish McBride

Michael Noltemeyer

Gabriela Pereira

Abigail Perry

Abigail K. Perry, LLC

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